Equip is an amazing opportunity to be envisioned and encouraged as leaders from across Gauteng gather together to invest in their future during sessions dedicated to prayer, worshipping Jesus, and fellowshipping.

We believe that every believer is a leader. This means that if you are a believer – you are invited!

Registration is now open and registration is required for the morning breakout sessions as well as catering purposes. Children also need to be registered for catering purposes and indemnity.


Thursday, 5 October | 8:30am - 1:00pm
Friday, 6 October | 8:30am - 1:00pm



Wednesday, 4 October | 7:00pm
Thursday, 5 October | 7:00pm
Friday, 6 October | 7:00pm

No registration required for adults. 
Children must register for evenings (no charge)


This year we are including breakout talks and your online registration will help us cater and assign venues.

Kids’ ministry can easily become a forgotten “extra”.  Let’s discuss the value, heart and structures that have the most impact.  How do you cultivate vision? How to raise up a team to own their call? How do you include children in the daily life of the church? Join us to have these questions answered.

Explore the fun-filled world of kids’ ministry, where we make learning about the Gospel and God’s values exciting for children. Join us in this session to discover techniques for crafting an engaging curriculum, from interactive scripture learning to creative storytelling, hands-on activities, crafts, and worship. Learn to create your own materials or effectively utilize existing resources. 

Learn from those who have gone before to increase your chances for a seamless and successful leadership transition.  Whether you are the lead couple of a local church or you lead in a smaller context, it’s crucial to address the uncertainties that arise during any leadership transition.  Join us and learn to navigate these transitions with confidence, keeping yourself and the people focused on the future that God has for them.  

The King is building His Kingdom and He invites you to join Him. How do you build and sustain momentum?  Learn how to create an atmosphere of growth, worship and purpose, pressing on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus

Building for the next generation requires us to build with the next generation.  The only way to reach the world is to be producing more leaders than we need at home base.  Debuting radical, energetic, faith filled men and women.  Equipping, mentoring creating opportunities, raising and releasing new waves of world changers!

How do you make meaningful connections in your community when planting a church?  What are effective ways of inviting people to meet Jesus so they can grow close to him and do these methods change as the church get more established?