Rise Up is a youth conference organised by various NCMI partnering churches. The event will take place at Cornerstone Church in Johannesburg. The invite for this conference is to everyone from all across South Africa, and every year we see exactly that. People from as far as Cape Town, Durban, Bloemfontein and Nelspruit attend, sometimes we even have people from across the globe who attend the conference.

The aim of the event is to see those that have a relationship with Jesus encounter Him further in times of worship, be encouraged, inspired and more hungry for God’s Word, The Bible. This is done through the preaching of the word from different pastors and guest speakers across South Africa and sometimes across the world.

For those teenagers that don’t know Jesus and are maybe searching for answers or wanting to look in, we welcome them wholeheartedly and would encourage them to come along.

Included in this we understand that everyone likes having fun, and so this we will do! We intentionally go out of our way to create an environment that is suited for you to have as much fun as possible. From waterslides, soccer tournaments, and socialising, we add it all in.

You might be asking, will my children be safe? Yes they will be, we have adults attending the conference  as well. We also have a paramedic and ambulance on the property 24/7 as well as security that will be patrolling the property.

Here is some important info for you to know! Registration will open at 4:00pm on Thursday. If you haven’t purchased a ticket to the conference yet, there will be tickets on sale at the door.

Saturday’s last session will end at 5:pm. Please make sure your parents or your transport will be ready to fetch you!

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