Mozambique Gospel Tsunami


Details from Zach Lombard:

Hey guys & girls

Finally some more information regarding the Gospel Tsunami in Mozambique July 7-18. The heart is to reach 20 000 plus people in this one trip. We will be putting 6 teams together each with a specialised focus and application:


1) Pioneering team:
This team will pioneer and open up 12-18 new villages that has probably never had the Gospel presented to them. Thee are most definitely no churches in those villages.

2) Open Air Crusade team:
Lead by Keir Tayler – 3 cities, 7 nights 1000’s of souls & many signs & wonders!

3) Discipleship team:
This team will work with current churches and communities worked with in the past

4) Leadership Training team:
This team will work with leadership and prepare them for the harvest the crusades will generate.

5) Logistics team:
This team will be working from the base and run the logistics of food, transport, communication and others needed essentials to make everything work – the heartbeat of the team.

6) Northern regions team:
This team will do a bit of all of the above. They will pioneer, disciple and host both the Leadership Training team as well as the Open-Air Crusade teams but work in a region north of the other teams.

Who we are looking for:

We are looking for anyone with a heart for Jesus and willing to serve a greater purpose in team! No previous experience is needed, nor any equipment, bikes or 4x4s. If bikes and 4x4s are available please communicate that through to me!

Take Note:

A compulsory training weekend will take place 30-31 May at NCCB. Cost to be confirmed The cost for the trip will be R3000 per person all costs included!

Pls RSVP by 20 May 2014 to

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  1. Hi Im a member of Faith City Church in Auckland New Zealand. Our Lead Elder is Michael Nicholas with wife Alison Nicholas.
    I would love to be apart of a team to take the gospel into unreached places, this has always been my heart, my husband recently lost his job, so financially we are not able to be a part of this amazing team. I would very much love to continue to pray that an opportunity with the helping hand of God, may come were we can be a part of what you are doing such as the above project. We will pray for your team, and the Journey ahead, I am in no doubt signs and wonder’s will accompany those who take the good news of the gospel to a people who have been in the desert of life too long. Blessing and Peace go with you.
    Jay Ah-Voa

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