Positioning the Prophetic

The spiritual atmosphere is thick with anticipation and expectation of a new wave of God’s Spirit, a new way in which He wants to move! Most would agree that we are living in times that are heavy and pregnant with an unprecedented move of God in these the last day.

Scripture says: “Surely the Sovereign LORD does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets. ” (Amos 3:7.)

If we believe that, it is obvious that we need the Prophetic gift to usher in this next move of God our Father. Jesus died for this dying world and it is time we hear God and prophecy the greatest time in history.

Positioning the Prophetic is a Christ inspired initiative to create a seedbed for the Prophetic amongst a People that are hungry for God and willing to step out of the boat and walk in obedience. We have set different dates in different regions with the heart and faith to build faith, equip, demonstrate and release the saints in this most desirable gift called prophecy.

We have three objectives:
1) To get all believers to want and express the gift of prophecy
2) To raise up those who prophecy to serve the church more effectively in the ministry of prophecy
3) To equip and encourage those in the ministry to truly develop into recognized prophetic voices for cities, nations and countries.

All of the above with a real, authentic, consistent and accurate flow of the Spirit.

This expression comes highly recommended and has a great track record with the regions and churches that have hosted it before.

Vryheid: 15-17 May

Cape Town: 5-7 June

Port Elizabeth: 18-21 June

Richard’s Bay: 17-19 July

Johannesburg: 31 July – 2 August

Durban: 14-16 August

Port Shepstone: 21-23 August



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