NCMI School of the Prophets

We enjoyed five days of studying, exploring, and practicing prophecy at the NCMI School of the Prophets 2015 (16 – 20 March) at Cornerstone Church Bedfordview. As God’s people we have been called to prophesy. But what does this mean? How does this work? How do we make sure that we are representing the heart of God? These questions, and more, were answered at this event.

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Monday, 16 March

Session 1: Developing a Prophetic Culture (Mike Hanchett)

Session 2: Prophesying in the Valley (Gill Patterson)

Session 3: Where do you fit into the Prophetic? (Chanelle Rossouw)

Session 4: Receiving from God (Mike Hanchett)

Tuesday, 17 March

Session 5: How the Prophetic Works in the Church (Mike Hanchett)

Session 6: Prophets in the Church (Gill Patterson)

Session 7: The Language of God (Mike Hanchett)

Session 8: (Ministry only – no recording)

Wednesday, 18 March

Session 9: How do You Facilitate the Gifts of the Spirit in the Church? (Greig Garratt)

Session 10: Renewing Our Mind (Chanelle Rossouw)

Session 11: (Practice session – no recording)

Session 12: Impartation (Mike Hanchett)

Thursday, 19 March

Session 13: NCMI Connect time (No download – Mike Hanchett repeated his topic from session 1)

Session 14: Sons and daughters of the Most High God (Mike Hanchett)

Friday, 20 March

Session 15: Seeing and Entering the Kingdom (Zach Lombard)

Session 16: Faith (Chanelle Rossouw)

Session 17: Q&A

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