Steve Wilson at Connect, Session 1

Steve Wilson shares at our NCMI Connect time, 21 June 2018.

Steve and his wife Sally celebrate more than 40 years of ministry together. After pastoring a small Baptist church in Texas, they served for seven years as missionaries in Kenya, during which time they began to see a powerful move of God. After that, they spent eleven years in England, where they pastored, planted churches, and worked with an apostolic team. In 1995, Steve and Sally planted Dayspring Worship Center in Springfield, Missouri, in the U.S.

Steve and Sally serve on both the national and international leadership teams of ICLC (International Christian Leadership Connections), a relational network of churches. Over the last few years with multiple trips to Brazil, Steve has witnessed a dramatic increase in the miraculous and is committed to seeing healing restored to the gospel message. He now leads teams into many nations, equipping and activating the church to live a naturally supernatural lifestyle as they witness the power of God changing lives.

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1 thought on “Steve Wilson at Connect, Session 1”

  1. Hi Pastor

    I heard on of you sermons which you spoke about a lady in Cambolia who unveilved her her and she did not have a nose. Shevwasblrayed for and her nose grew back instantly. Please could we have any before or after medical reports or newspaper articles, in order to present to non believers that God does grow limbs. If you have any other documented proof of limbs or great miracles that people have proof of such healing, then please let us have them.
    Your assistance would be appreciated.
    God bless

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