MAN UP Flashmob on 1 June

Society is a mess because men are failing to act like real men. If we are however to affect any change in our city, country and the world, we need to raise awareness regarding the folly of men, but also offer a SOLUTION, teaching men what it means to be a REAL MAN.

The MAN UP campaign has two legs:
  1. Awareness
  2. Solution

The Awareness campaign is being driven by two things:

  1. A song called MAN UP written and performed by FOURTEEN40
  2. Flashmobs

The Flashmob tour is launching on SATURDAY 1 JUNE 2013 AT 13:00 AT MELROSE ARCH SQUARE.

Here are the details from Ren Bester who is running the campaign (Ren is from Newday Church):

In order to make as much noise as possible about the campaign, we need as many people as possible at the FLASHMOB.

Our plea is this:

  • Please check out the video below and learn the MAN UP FLASHMOB DANCE. (Don’t worry, it’s REALLY easy.) – KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE LADY IN WHITE AND THE LADY IN BLACK STANDING RIGHT IN FRONT ON THE VIDEO
  • Get as many of your mates, congregation members, school friends, family members, business colleagues, husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, brothers, sister cousins etc. as you possibly can to come and join us
  • Avail yourself on SATURDAY 1 JUNE 2013 AT 13:00 AT MELROSE ARCH SQUARE
  • Come and join us for a massive flashmob and be a part of a campaign that we are trusting God will affect massive, wholesale change in our city, our nation and the planet

Then let as many people as you can know about this campaign so they can also join in!

Here is how the event will run:

  • Date: 1 June 2013
  • Venue: Melrose arch square (JB’s Corner/Moyo/Melrose Arch Hotel)
  • Time: 13:00
  • Duration: 5 minutes
  • Song length: 03:19
  • Flashmob roll-out:
  • At 12:50 the band (FOURTEEN40) will set up right underneath the big screen. This process will take roughly 10 minutes
  • While the band sets up, our dancers (roughly 1 000) will be mulling around the square, blending in as much as 1 000 people are able to blend in in that square! DANCERS MUST PLEASE BE IN AND AROUND THE SQUARE AT 12:45
  • At 13:00, 2 actors (a couple, male and female) will start with an industrial theatre piece. The male will scream very loudly at the female, saying: “If you don’t shut your mouth I’m going to give you a hiding in front of these people like a did last night!”
  • Immediately after he shouts, the band will start playing the MAN UP song
  • The dancers will start with the dance in the square and the street in front of JB’s Corner
  • There will be a film crew filming the flashmob
  • As the song starts, 2 banners will drop from the big screen with the MAN UP website and the MAN UP Code printed on
  • When the song finishes, Ren (the lead singer) is accosted by some men dressed in black, bundled into a car and driven off. (This forms part of an online social media driven post-campaign)
  • The dancers hand out MAN UP flyers on there way out of the square. Flyers will be where the band has set up
  • While the flyers are being handed out, the crew packs up and all returns to normal

If you are able to make it, could you please send an mail (click here for details) stating how many people you estimate will be coming through. I realise it’s tough to make an exact call, but I do need an estimate please.

The flashmob is being filmed and will be sent to TV stations, programs and will be used as part of the MAN UP music video.

2 thoughts on “MAN UP Flashmob on 1 June”

  1. Micah-Lee James

    I’m technology challenged, so not sure if this is going to leave a comment on this page or go through to email in response to the “If you are able to make it,please send a mail” part.
    Anyway, I’m super keen and would love to get involved. This Saturday 1 June I sadly have a course in the morning and I’m not sure if I will get to Melrose Arch on time. But I will be there if I can. But please keep me informed on how it goes and the upcoming flashmobs in the tour.
    This is awesome.

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