Prophecy at Gauteng Connect, 31 July

This prophecy was given by Colette Meeske at Gauteng Connect yesterday. It was very encouraging so we thought it would be great to post it here:

“God is bringing about a shift in the heavenlies. Change is coming. With it, is coming blessing, promotion, favor – things that are not naturally accomplished but supernaturally brought about. It’s a result of your faithfulness, your steadfastness and your persevering. God’s goodness being poured out in your life because…. Well just because He can.

“Start making room for the increase, for fruitfulness, for abundance and for the blessings about to be poured forth – from Heavens windows which are opening above you even now. A shift is happening in the heavens. New things are about to be. A new season of acceleration and enlargement is nearly upon you. Favor, favor, favor – things that were shut before are suddenly going to open to you. Things that were once no – are now yes!

“There’s a shift in the heavenlies. You need to get ready. God is about to open the way to you and for you – just like you have cried out for. God is about to shift gears, He is about to accelerate you forward into the incredible destiny and future He has planned for you. What took a few years, will take one year; what took a few months, one month; what took a few days, one day; and what took a few hours, one hour. It’s time to see your dream/s fulfilled. It’s time to see the prophetic promises of years ago fulfilled. Yes it’s time… It’s time…. It’s time. Get ready!

“There’s a shift in the heavenlies.”


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